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1. You must post these rules
2. You must choose two of your OC's, no more and no less
3. Tag two people at the end of this interview

Note: If you don't have two OC's, you can have your friend do it with you using their OC. 

My OCs that shall be used are both from Attack on titan.

Katherine Reftley
Micheal Reftley

Hi! Wait, who are you?

K: Katherine Reftley, Member of the Scouting Legion!
M: Micheal Reftley, Civilian, should technically be dead.

Got any sort of relationship going on?

K: No......
M: Nope

How long have you known each other?

K: Our whole life. He's my twin.
M: Yep! 

Know any secrets about the other?

K and M: Of course!

Would you tell anyone?

M: *whispering* Kath's a bit of a neat freak
K: That's not a secret....... But the fact that you have a maple shaped birthmirk on- *Micheal covers her mouth* 
M: *he is blushing furiously* We agreed to never speak of that!

Are you secretly in love or jealous of the other?

K: Why would i be in love with him?
M: I'm kinda jealous that Kath's in the military.
K: Not your fault, you could always still join.

Would you give them a hug?

K: Depends on the situation.
M: *hugs Katherine* Of course!
K: Get off me Mike! *throws him off*
M: Oof.

Got any special memories of them?

K: *chuckles* Yep.
M: Oh definitely. 
K: Remember when we had gathered all those eggs and cracked them all in a bucket and we set it up as a prank for Miss. Livenhireder and you accidentally tripped it and got egg all over you? *is stifling her laughter*
M: That was not fun.....

What kind of stuff do you do together?

K: Before the wall broke we would draw and play pranks on the rest of the village with Sandra.
M: Now we barely see each other, but when we do we have prank wars with Sasha and Connie.

Are you ready for this to be over?

K: Yes.
M: I could keep going!

It's not over yet, so be patient.

K: *groans softly*
M: Haha Kath.

Okay, now it's over.

K: Finally!
M: Oh well

Take some cookies before you go ^_^

M: as long as Kath didn't make them. *takes one*
K: Hey! Don't judge my baking skills! You can't boil water without the threat of burning down the house! *takes a cookie*
M: Hey!
K: Let's go Micheal.
M: Fine. *they leave* 

Honestly, Anyone who wants to do this can. So yeah, everyone who wants to do this has been tagged.

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You know what this is probably just going to be filled with Randomness...... Oh well!


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